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La démocratie, est-ce pour tous?

October 25, 2015

La démocratie, est-ce un système politique idéal qui devrait être institué dans tous les pays du monde entier?

Existe-t-il des régions du monde où un régime démocratique ne serait pas réalisable?’&f=false


La découverte de la fraude

February 15, 2015

Comment réagir quand un associé fait preuve de fourberie.
1. Faut-il le confronter sans délai avec les raisons qui ont confirmées ce constat?
2. Vaut-il mieux attendre pour lui donner une chance de trouver le moment opportun de s’expliquer?

What to Do When Fraud is Discovered

February 15, 2015

What is the thing to do when a business associate is suspected of fraud:
-should he/she be immediately confronted?
-should he/she be given time to to come forward to confess?

La transparence se manifeste par la sincérité et la fidélité

February 8, 2015

La transparence sous-entend la franchise et la fidélité.

Existe-il des parallèles entre la transparence chez un couple et celle entre collègues?

La fidélité dans une relation amoureuse a une aussi grande importance que la loyauté envers l’employeur.

Wage Gaps

December 21, 2014

Wage dispaities occur when two employees who work for the same firm perform identical tasks but earn different salaries.

Do you reward your employees with wages according to length of service?

Those who have been with you the longest are the ones you have invested the most in, in terms of training, inside information, etc. They are, therefore, the most adept at sorting out the day-to-day issues that arise at your company and, thereby, are the most worthy of more pay.

The most senior employees serve as mentors to train junior staff and should be compensated accordingly.

A higher salary for those with more seniority is an incentive to maintain or increase their loyalty to the enterprise as well as boost the retention and satisfaction of senior staff members.

Keeping one’s career out of his/her personal sphere

December 10, 2014

Boundaries must be set between personal life and work otherwise the two could merge together and the distinction between them could become blurred. The risk of burn-out is very high in such cases. It is great when one’s career is very enjoyable but care must be taken so that it does not take up too much of his/her waking hours because in the long run feeling over worked and under appreciated as well as extremely exhausted could ensue.

IL est important de savoir au plutót qu’il faut des limites entre la vie personnelle et la vie au travail. Sinon on risque de sacrifier de précieux moments pour les loisirs. Le cas échéant, c’est l’épuisement professionel qui en résulte accompagné de sentiments d’infériorité parce que l’on se sent sous-estimé néanmoins surchargé de travail.

Groundless Defamation

November 17, 2014

A good reputation is crucial to launching a new start up. However many times false rumours may spead which could kill the name of the fledgling enterprise. How would you react if there were lies and malicious unjust accusations being propogated about your nascent company?

Global Interconnectedness

November 9, 2014

The telegraph, railroad, and ocean liner of the 19th century were precursors of modern transportation and telecommunication systems that have made possible the enormous extent of the global interconnectedness that exists today.

1. What technology is an absolute must for the contemporary entrepreneur?

2. How important is international travel for networking and other business?

3. What are an entrepreneur’s much needed software, apps, etc.?

Today with the World Wide Web you feel more interconnected than ever. But are you taking maximum advantage of the opportunities that are out there? What helpful tips can you share?

The advantages and pitfalls of a mindset

November 2, 2014

One’s mindset may help to generate novel ideas. Is this a fact?

1. How do you define mindset?
2. Is it necessary to consider whether how well one’s mindset truly conforms to reality.

In the Entrepreneur’s Mind, Problems Are Only Hurdles in Front of Goals

Bolstering customer fidelity

October 6, 2014

1. How do you promote a start up?
2. In what way can loyalty and rewards programs bolster customer fidelity and retention?
3. Have you implemented rewards credit cards, reward points, etc. in your marketing programs?