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throw together

December 9, 2012

1. What are the different meanings of “throw together“?

2. Does “throw together”  have the connotation of  being unplanned?


fat chance/ slim chance

November 25, 2012

Fat is the opposite of slim and yet fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing.

1. What is an effective way to expound on how to use the above correctly?

2. How did the above idioms become identical in meaning?

high rollers/running a red light

August 29, 2012

Does running a red light on a regular basis make one a high roller when behind the wheel of a car?

Sitting pretty, Easy Street

August 26, 2012

!. What would a person need to be described as “sitting pretty“?

2. What would put an individual on “Easy Street

3. If someone is sitting pretty does that mean that he or she is on Easy Street?

Running a Red Light

August 12, 2012

1. How often have you seen a motorist running a red light?

2. Does this cause many accidents?

3. Would harsher sanctions be justifiable to discourage drivers from running a red light?

Avoir la tête sur les épaules

August 5, 2012

1. Comment est-ce qu’on peut décrire une personne qui «a la tête sur les épaules»?

2. Dans certaines situations la panique risque de pousser des personnes à perdre la tête.

(a) Pourquoi est-ce que la méditation, le yoga, le sport, la prière, un cercle d’amis, etc. sont réputés pour aider à garder la tête sur les épaules? Quels sont les effets bénéfiques?

(b) Qu’est-ce qu’on peut ajouter à cette liste?


August 5, 2012

1. Define “level-headed”.

2. What are examples of situations in which being level-headed is an absolute necessity but may be difficult?

3. Are level-headed people the ones who are more successful in life?

4. How may  social networks, meditation, prayer, regular physical activity, hobbies, courses, etc. help one to be level-headed?

5. What kinds of things may be added to the above list?