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Quite a lot/ Quite a bit/ Quite a few

December 2, 2012

1. Are quite a lot, quite a bit and quite a few synonymous?

2. What is the difference in usage between quite a bit and quite a few?


I. Valuables & Emotions

March 6, 2012

I. What things from the following list are considered as being valuable items?

1. house keys  2. car keys  3. a diamond ring  4. a gold watch  5. a pair of glasses

6. a leather coat  7. a car  8. a pair of gloves  9. a computer  10. a cellphone 

11. an ipod  12. a pen  13. a pair of shoes  14. a pair of jeans 

15. a bottle of beer  16. a TV set  17. an agenda 

19. an alarm clock  20. a gun

II. What are the kinds of emotions are felt when something valuable is suddenly lost?

1. fright?  2. guilt?  3. terror?  3. confidence?  4. nonchalance? 

5. laziness?  6. hope  7. despair  8. helplessness  9. insecurity

10. self-pity  11. apathy  12. shame  13. incompetence  14. foolishness

15. sadness  16. sorrow 17. ambitious   18. calm

19. fatigue  20. wimpishess

One Weekend in New York

February 26, 2012

What would you do if you won a weekend trip to New York City?

1. Would you go there to get married or for a honeymoon?

2. Would you go there to shop or to sightsee?

3. Where would you go? What would you do? What would like to see?

4. If you could change the destination, what part of the world would you visit? Tell your reasons.

Working With/Without a Break

January 15, 2012

When swamped with work & the deadline fast approaching:

1.should one continue to work his/her fingers to the bone?

2. would a break be in order to recharge the batteries?

3. if the break should mean missing the deadline but result in 

producing better work, would taking the break be wise?

Planning Ahead

January 8, 2012

A. In the year 2020:

1. Do you hope to be on Easy Street?

2. Will society be the way it is today?

B. By the year 2020:

1. Do you hope to have hit the Lotto jackpot?

2. (a) Will you have packed your bags and moved away?

(b) Why or why not?

(c) If so, where will you have moved to?

3. Will you have been doing the same job
for a long time

4. Will certain jobs no longer exist?

Tour & Travel

October 3, 2010

Supposing that you could grant someone his/her
wish that had something to do with travel.

Tell us what wish you would grant to him/her.

For example would it be a trip to some destination?

Where would it be to?

Why would you choose that particular location?

What advice would you tell him/her to see and do there?

Thank you !!

English Grammar Quiz

February 26, 2009

English Grammar Quiz

I. Write the irregular past tense and participial forms of the following verbs: (/20)

1. begin _________ ___________ 2. lose _________ ___________

3. leave __________ __________ 4. swim ________ ____________

5. let ____________ ___________ 6. speak _______ ____________

7. spend _________ __________ 8. fly___________ ____________

9. quit ___________ __________ 10. shine ________ ____________

II. Choose the best verb from the list above to complete the following sentences. Use a different verb for each one in its most correct form, simple past or participial: (/10)

1. When we arrived the movie had already ________________.

2. The teacher _____________ to us about the assignment many times.

3. She _____________ to Chicago twice since 2005.

4. She ____________ her job yesterday.

5. The manager ___________ her staff know about her resignation already.

6. The sun _____________ for 5 days in a row this week.

7. That dog ____________ in the lake at the beach last summer.

8. I already ___________ all of my savings.

9. We must make sure we _______________ anything until now.

10. No one ____________ yet.

English Grammar Quiz

January 25, 2009

1.If only the weather __________ this good all year round.
2.She wishes that she __________ at home now.
3.It is essential that everyone __________ fairly.
4.It is important that she _________ on time.
5.She wishes that she _________ a date for the wedding.
6.If they __________ the lottery , they would travel more.
7.It is in their interest that they _________ cooperative with the manager.
8.It is recommended that he ________ a vacation.
9.The nurse says that she _________ rest.
10.If it_______so expensive, we ______ ______ able to afford it.

Educational Websites

December 25, 2007


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