Keeping one’s career out of his/her personal sphere

Boundaries must be set between personal life and work otherwise the two could merge together and the distinction between them could become blurred. The risk of burn-out is very high in such cases. It is great when one’s career is very enjoyable but care must be taken so that it does not take up too much of his/her waking hours because in the long run feeling over worked and under appreciated as well as extremely exhausted could ensue.

IL est important de savoir au plutót qu’il faut des limites entre la vie personnelle et la vie au travail. Sinon on risque de sacrifier de précieux moments pour les loisirs. Le cas échéant, c’est l’épuisement professionel qui en résulte accompagné de sentiments d’infériorité parce que l’on se sent sous-estimé néanmoins surchargé de travail.


One Response to “Keeping one’s career out of his/her personal sphere”

  1. Marián Steiner Says:

    Wonderful texts. And one of the greatest challenges for teachers.

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