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La revue ou le journal qui a le mieux suivi les évenements de 2013

December 29, 2013

1. Quelle revue, quel journal, etc. de langue française a suivi l’actualité en 2013 le mieux? 

2. Est-ce les points de vue des auteurs ou plutôt leur degré d’objectivité qui déterminent la qualité de leurs publications?


Holiday Reads

December 29, 2013

1. Do reading habits change for holidays?

2. What makes for a good holiday read?

3. (a) Are you reading anything special this holiday season?

    (b) Would you recommend it to others, if so, to whom?

4. Would reading something different over a holiday period be recommended?

5. Are there certain kinds of books that would not make appropriate reading material for holidays?

Judging a Book by Its Cover OMG!

December 22, 2013

1. When looking for a book to gift, how important is its cover?
2. Would you gift a best-seller even its jacket and/or cover were insipid-looking?
3. When browsing for a new book to buy, do you look first at those whose jackets and/or covers appeal the most?

That Different Kind of Book as a Gift

December 15, 2013

1. Would you give a book as a gift that is not what the person you are gifting normally reads?

2. Would someone who reads only science fiction appreciate receiving a book of poetry?

3. Would you buy an anarchist a book that tells a story about lawfulness?

Losing a Book; OMG!

December 10, 2013

1. Have you ever lost a treasured book?

2. If so what was its title and who was the author?

3. Were you able to replace it with another copy?

4. If you were, was it like the original or a different version?

5. Is the popularity of an e-book reinforced by it being impossible to lose?



Browsing at Bookshops

December 1, 2013

1. Do you like visiting a bookstore just to spend a while perusing books there?
2. If so, what section do you like to go to first? Science Fiction? Poetry? Other?
3. (a) How does the staff react when they see you reading one of their books? Indifferent? Curious? Helpful? Encouraging? Discouraging?
Other? (b) Does their reaction disappoint you?
4. Do you usually end up purchasing anything?
5. Do you feel encouraged to shop for books at stores that allow you to peruse their books at your leisure without feeling pressured to make a purchase?