The Most Unforgettable Fictional Character

1. What fictional character do you consider as the most memorable?

2. What attributes contribute to making him/her so unforgettable?

3. What was the name of the book or movie where you encountered him/her?



2 Responses to “The Most Unforgettable Fictional Character”

  1. Barry Mager Says:

    I’m thinking Celie from Color Purple: the suffering she experiences and her capacity for hope and to forgive always remind me that good literature humanizes people

  2. Stephen Says:

    Freddie Montgomery from Banville’s Book of Evidence–so suave, so evil, so dissociated, actually inhabited me for a time. I went from living my life as Tom Reagan from Miller’s Crossing to being another Irishman: Freddie. Both Freddie and Tom are also very funny.

    There’s the Judge and Glanton from Blood Meridian. I read and commented on a M.A. thesis (mostly to do with a preliminary narratology of Blood Meridian) which argued that the Judge, as some sort of entity, escapes or escaped from the confines of the book. It was a spooky conclusion.

    Pip with his hauntingly unresolved love affair, and his elemental benefactor I myself love, and have come to love as I believe Dickens did.

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