The Translated or the Original Version?

Which is preferable the translation or the original version?


7 Responses to “The Translated or the Original Version?”

  1. Prof. Robert Campbell Says:

    Both are necessary — for the audience or class room to understand; given the level of the audience or class room to understand.

    Is not that, the purpose?

    • himyfriend Says:

      It’s true that the translation is necessary to reach a wider public. However, those who can understand the original version may prefer it because some things may be difficult or impossible to translate.

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  3. Lumi Beldiman Says:

    I agree both are necessary ,but my personal opinion,if you mean for example a book wrote in old english I prefare the modern english because when you are not of english mother tongue it’s difficul to understand the subject and a lot of words can not be found in the dictionaries that provides us the school or the University…. Am I right?

    • Robert Campbell Says:


      You are in the the 1 in the class room; and I trust you know the level of your students and are attempting to meet them…

      In that case, you are absolutely right!

      Secondly, go on line, for dictionaries, such as Oxford and Webster’s.and at first, no other… For example, Naver is horrible.

      Create linguistic trees of associated and simplier target words. So your students remember, the new vocabulary word..

      …Again, trust in your judgement, for you are the one – in the intended class room.

      Let me empower you with that, given on-line – communication.

      For, I have not seen you in, ‘teaching’ action. And I hope I have met your specfic intended question.

      Prof. Robert Campbell

      • Lumi Beldiman Says:

        At the momment I’m not a teacher. I’m a secretary in A Trade Company in Italy. But I was teaching in 2006 and I had that problem with my pupils.
        Actually I desire a lot to make possible to have my diploma recognised here in Italy. Why?? Because I graduated the State University from Moldavia if you’ve ever heard and from 2007 till 2012 I didn’t practised my job.
        Now I have a child, 7 years old and he studies here in Italy. One day he comes home and says : mome today I learned a new word: mushroom…. but he did’nt said [ma…..] he pronounced with “u” like it’s write…. Why?? can you explain this to me please..? I went to the school and talked to the teacher and she said “it’s new english,new pronunciation (I think she was talking about spelling,phonetics)”. I’m disoriented I have no ideea if I studied wrong or really The English Language changes
        like this…? I checked my Oxford dictionary and the spelling of Google Translator and I didn’t found this change she was speking about….

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