A Novel for Senior High School

Name the novel that you would recommend for a senior high school literature curriculum?


4 Responses to “A Novel for Senior High School”

  1. zack Says:

    There are so many. For senior students in Britian,maybe ‘’pride and prejudice.And how about Chines literature, a lot of Luxun’s works are suitable in my opinion.

  2. rabiya aamir Says:

    Robinson Crusoe, the original novel by Daniel Defoe and not the abridged or retold versions

  3. Andi Schroeder Says:

    Jane Eyre, and The Wide Sargasso Sea; and I loved Paule Marshall’s Praise Song for the Widow. Wonderful themes.

  4. Thomas Doscher Says:

    In my British Lit class, i teach Pride and Prejudice, a great novel, rich with human interaction, and a lot of subtlety, training students to notice innuendo and under the surface meanings within conversations.

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