Pronouncing “ough” and “ought”

What would be an effective approach to teach how to read the following?

bought, drought, wrought

bough, cough, hiccough

One Response to “Pronouncing “ough” and “ought””

  1. Tom Zurinskas Says:

    Data below show that there are only 16 words in the top 5k most popular words of English containing the “ough” letter string. They are listed below also in truespel phonetics. The ~au sound (as in “audit”) is most prevalent. (The top 5k words make up about 90% of a page of text.)

    instance count 69,832 out of 15,392,580
    word count 16 out of 5,000

    tradspel truespel count phoneme
    through thhrue 16,958 ue
    thought thhaut 12,890 au
    though thoe 11,467 oe
    enough innuf 8,885 u
    although aultthoe 5,216 oe
    brought braut 4,424 au
    ought aut 1,868 au
    throughout thhruewwout 1,755 ue,ou
    bought baut 1,532 au
    thoughts thhauts 1,114 au
    rough ruf 764 u
    fought faut 654 au
    sought saut 642 au
    tough tuf 628 u
    roughly ruflee 536 u
    thoroughly thheroelee 499 er,oe


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