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November 25, 2012

1. Quels sont différents exemples de l’usage du terme rassembleur?

2. Le vrai chef, doit-il  ou elle être perçu(e) comme rassembleur par

son entourage?


fat chance/ slim chance

November 25, 2012

Fat is the opposite of slim and yet fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing.

1. What is an effective way to expound on how to use the above correctly?

2. How did the above idioms become identical in meaning?

What is the etymology of “bevy”?

November 18, 2012

1. What are common ways to use “bevy” in good English?

2.  Is “bevy” a word that is often used in English?

3.  How did “bevy” orginate in English? Is there a connection with beverage?

The End of the Printed Paper Edition?

November 11, 2012

What is the future of print media? How long will it before
magazine and newspaper publishers no longer publish their printed
editions for newstands and dealers?

Pronouncing “ough” and “ought”

November 11, 2012

What would be an effective approach to teach how to read the following?

bought, drought, wrought

bough, cough, hiccough

nook, cranny et nook and cranny

November 11, 2012

1. Comment dire nook en français?

2. Comment traduire cranny?

3. Pour l’expression en anglais “nook and cranny“,

y en a-t-il une qui est l’equivalent en français?

zero tolerance

November 4, 2012

Is there an increasing tendency toward zero tolerance for corruption, harassment, etc. in the world today?

above and beyond the call of duty

November 4, 2012

What are good examples to illustrate the meaning of “above and beyond the call of duty”?

What historical and/or contemporary personalities would you choose to discuss people who have gone over and beyond their call of duty in their respective endeavours?

above and beyond the call of duty

November 4, 2012

Quelles sont les différentes façons de traduire “above and beyond the call of duty”? Comme par exemple: “Faire plus que le nécessaire,,,,,,,,,,,,”