What is the future of mail delivery?

1. With the advent of e-mail, texting, online billing, etc. what will happen to the postal system as we know it today?

2. Will mail continue to be delivered door-to-door?

3. Will eventually only certain items such as parcels or registered mail be handled by the postal service?

One Response to “What is the future of mail delivery?”

  1. jan weber Says:

    I would say that door-to-door will disappear in favor of small local neighbourhood postal shops where one can collect parcels. Right now, most parcels are collected at home, because there are relative few, but once more and more shops go online and one switches to order all via internet, the volume of daily parcels per person rises to such an amount that to visit these collection shops once every day\thre days to collect these parcels makes sense. Having multiple parcels a day being delivered to a local nearby collection shop also would help to reduce the delivery costs , attributing toa substantial amount per year. Once these shops are active in regards to parcels, I can see also the normal post being delivered that way. The next step will be that having DHLA, FedEX, UPS, … deliver all of their packages to these neighbourhood shops, that the sheer volume will allow these shops to offer a paid service to deliver everything at ones home adress after confirming one is at home.

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