Re: Droits de scolarité & Un appel à frais virés

Lately we have all been hearing much talk about post-secondary students clamoring for a freeze on school fees and even going so far as demanding zero tuition. The French term for right, “droit” which is contained in “droits de scolarité,” meaning school fees, implies that tuition bestows the right to an education. Should these students have the right to a free education or at least have their fees frozen? Hold that thought until their next boycott of classes.

“Droits” as in “droits d’auteur” acknowledges the author’s right to financial compensation proportionate to the number of copies of his/her work that are sold. In the case of writers, they would like their copyright laws reinforced to better protect their rights.

A collect telephone call or “un appel à frais virés” occurs when the receiver accepts the costs. When asking someone if he/she will accept these charges, the question to ask is, “Assumerez-vous les frais?” but not “les charges” since the French term “charge” means load.  For example, workload translates as “charge de travail”.

BSO (auteur)

Published in the Spring (May-June) 2012  Newsletter of:

The Quebec
Provincial Association
of Retired School

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