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Your political views

March 15, 2012

It is helpful to know what has been happening politically in the different countries of the world in order to decide upon a personal political philosophy.

1. Are you interested in politics?

2. Do you think you know enough about political philosophies?

3. In your opinion, should all countries have the same political regime?

4. What type of political party do you prefer: a socialist party? a communist party?

a social democratic party? a conservative party? a liberal party?

5. What kinds of policies do you think a party needs to have?

(a) free education at all levels?  (b) freedom of religion?  (c) equality before the law?

(d) free access to health care for everyone?   (e) programs aimed at

protecting the environment?  (f) any others?


I. Valuables & Emotions

March 6, 2012

I. What things from the following list are considered as being valuable items?

1. house keys  2. car keys  3. a diamond ring  4. a gold watch  5. a pair of glasses

6. a leather coat  7. a car  8. a pair of gloves  9. a computer  10. a cellphone 

11. an ipod  12. a pen  13. a pair of shoes  14. a pair of jeans 

15. a bottle of beer  16. a TV set  17. an agenda 

19. an alarm clock  20. a gun

II. What are the kinds of emotions are felt when something valuable is suddenly lost?

1. fright?  2. guilt?  3. terror?  3. confidence?  4. nonchalance? 

5. laziness?  6. hope  7. despair  8. helplessness  9. insecurity

10. self-pity  11. apathy  12. shame  13. incompetence  14. foolishness

15. sadness  16. sorrow 17. ambitious   18. calm

19. fatigue  20. wimpishess

March 6, 2012