Managing Winter

A. In the winter months:

      1. Are the shorter days a downer?

       2. Could it be beneficial to make a point of taking a walk

           outside while the daylight lasts?

B. What are other effective ways of beating the winter blues?

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8 Responses to “Managing Winter”

  1. Marián Steiner Says:

    My answers to A and B would be centered around our Hungarian Vizsla dog. He makes me walk regularly and his live-in-the-moment attitude beats the winter blues quite successfully and thoroughly for all of us.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. ChatterBox Says:

    drinking would be another way to beat the winter blues!

  3. himyfriend Says:

    ChatterBox: What kinds of drinks would you recommend?
    How much drinking?
    Should drinking alcohol be regulated?
    -Should there be times when drinking alcohol would
    be prohibited? If so, why? when?
    -Should certain age groups not be allowed to drink?

  4. Dave Says:

    I would say to listen or to play some music. You know, for a nostalgic day, a nostalgic note.

  5. riket Says:

    For me winter time is like any other season. The only difference I find is the snow. I hate driving when it’s snowing and dislike to shovel in the morning. Regarding to your question if it were beneficial to make a point of taking a walk while the lightday lasts I guess you don’t have the temperatures we have,here, in Chicago. Walking outside when there is -20 degrees Farenheit (-30 C) it is not a really good idea, no matter how shinny the day is.

  6. José Luis Says:

    I think walking outsise while the sun is up it´s very good in order to counteract that “sadness” humans beings need the light!

  7. david Says:

    i like winter.

  8. Místika Says:

    I’d rather take a walk on summer close to the sea when the night is coming up. Winter is quite sad for me. Reading a book, playing games with the family, watching a good film is the best way to spend cold days opposite a fireplace.

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