Planning Ahead

A. In the year 2020:

1. Do you hope to be on Easy Street?

2. Will society be the way it is today?

B. By the year 2020:

1. Do you hope to have hit the Lotto jackpot?

2. (a) Will you have packed your bags and moved away?

(b) Why or why not?

(c) If so, where will you have moved to?

3. Will you have been doing the same job
for a long time

4. Will certain jobs no longer exist?

One Response to “Planning Ahead”

  1. Shelly Sanchez Terrell Says:

    Hi Sonny,

    I don’t usually plan this far ahead but I can answer a few things. First, I don’t play the lotto so I guess I won’t be winning it! LOL! I think society will remain the same in many ways. Change is difficult. I also hope to live near walking distance to water in 2012. My job will involve education but I have no idea where I will live or what my job will consist of. As it is I can hardly plan which country I will travel to within the next 3 months sometimes within the next month. For example, in October I ended up training teachers in Thailand. This was very last minute.

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