Everyday Health Foods

Are there essential foods that people should eat every day? Does an apple a day in fact keep the doctor away, for example? Even if dark chocolate has its health benefits, how much of it is good to eat?


One Response to “Everyday Health Foods”

  1. Esther Says:

    My top 10…

    1. Broccoli is a super food full of B-vitamins

    2. Blueberries – highest amount of antioxidants of any fruit, I believe

    3. Salmon – for its high omega 3’s + protein

    4. Apples – high in pectin, fibre & yes probably will keep the doctor away, as long as the rest of your diet isn’t full of french fries and burgers!

    5. Green tea – antioxidants galore! Plus has weight-loss benefits and heart-healthy benefits, and gives you a perk like coffee, minus the dehydrating effects

    6. oatmeal – full of soluble fibre and keeps you full for hours

    7. Kale, kelp, and any other dark leafy green

    8. plain yogurt – for its probiotics, protein and calcium

    9. almonds – monosaturated fats, protein, fibre & heart-healthy properties

    10. Beans – any kind! low calorie, high-nutrient density – just be sure to follow up with a good digestive enzyme to prevent some of the less-favourable effects of beans!

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