Odd Word Out

Each of the words below is followed by a list of 4 choices. Three of the choices could be correctly used to complete the word or expression with the given word. Which of the choices could not?

1. scale ____
(a) up (b) down (c) back (d) fished

2. far ____
(a) fetched (b) flung (c) gone (d) live

3. fore____ (one word)
(a) see (b) shadow (c) give (d) sight

4, ____ up
(a) sing (b) cook (c) back (d) gear

5. claw____ their benefits (one or two words)
(a) back (b) front (c) through (d) for

6. wheelchair ____
(a) bound (b) access (c) broken (d) ramps

7. ____ skies
(a) star-filled (b) starry (c) starless (d) all-star

8. ____ -hearted
(a) faint (b) fool (c) good (d) warm

9. take ____
(a) a breathe (b) a breather (c) a breath (d) one’s breath away

10. play it ___
(a) by the book (b) by ear (c) ear (d) down

11. ___ as heck
(a) day (b) sure (c) sorry (d) busy

12. to ___ record highs
(a) reach (b) go (c) hit (d) approach

13. to turn a blind eye to ___
(a) fraud (b) cheating (c) cheat (d) corruption

14. get ___ up
(a) lost (b) caught (c) worked (d) dressed

15. ___ up
(a) meeted (b) beefed (c) meet (d) tee

16. on the ___ of
(a) verge (b) threshold (c) cusp (d) headed


2 Responses to “Odd Word Out”

  1. sonny8 Says:

    The answers are: (d) fished (d) live (c) give (d) sing

  2. vocabexperts Says:

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