More English vocabulary

I. Choose the word that correctly completes the expression:

1. a jaunty _______
(a) appear (b) appearance (c) appeared (d) pear

2. a search-and- _______ operation
(a) rescue (b) run (c) save (d) hope

3. lavish _______
(a) spent (b) sent (c) spending (d) sending

4. veering toward ______
(a) a disasters (b) disasterous (c) disastrous (d) disaster

5. sifting through _________
(a) a rubble (b) rubbles (c) the rubble (d) the rubbles

6. a _______ recuperation
(a) sustain (b) sustaining (c) sustained (d) sustains

7. wrenching ______
(a) joy (b) hungered (c) hunger (d) joys

8. expedite ______
(a) decisions (b) decide (c) decided (d) decides

9. an ______ spree
(a) eats (b) eat (c) eating (d) ate

10. all-in-_____
(a) one (b) zero (c) once (d) two

11. bridge ____ gap
(a) all (b) any (c) now (d) not

12. a huge recall of _______
(a) an car (b) a cars (c) cars (d) that cars

13. They went ______ hog and ordered all the trimmings.
(a) half (b) whole (c) quarter (d) no

14. His salary maxed _____ at $25,000.
(a) in (b) on (c) up (d) out

15. What are the ______ and bolts of good nutrition?
(a) nuts (b) a nuts (c) nut (d) note

16. Although they cannot search through everything, they will conduct spot ______.
(a) check (b) checked (c) checks (d) checker

17. Many people were still found to be suffering in the area that was ______ by the earthquake.
(a) ravage (b) ravaged (c) ravages (d) no ravage

18. After having worked for a whole month without a holiday, she _____ ____ a day off.
(a) fancy taking (b) fancied took (c) fancied takes (d) fancied taking

19. He spent many _____ nights worrying about his finances.
(a) sleepness (b) unsleepness (c) sleepless (d) unsleepless

20. Their plans to graduate at the end of the semester ____ amok.
(a) ran (b) runned (c) running (d) runs

II. Use each of the following words in sentences that make their meanings clear.

1. befuddled
2. sprightly
3. bewildered
4. minutiae
5. bemused
6. quirkily
7. stymied
8. meander
9. dawdling
14.bracing for

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