Synonyms and Antonyms

I. What are good synonyms for each word that follows? Where possible list the antonyms.

1, anomaly

2. crass

3. perfunctory

4. puerile

5. recrimination

6. spry

7. equanimity

8. bountiful

9. courtly

10. crescendo

11. vitriolic

12. obsequious

13. suave

14. abortive

15. coy

16. insipid

17. gibberish

18. fastidious

19. erudite

20. diligence

II. Match the words in list A with the ones in list B that have opposite meanings.

List A.
1. anomaly

2. crass

3. coy

4. bountiful

5. insipid

6. abortive

7. equanimity

8. perfunctory

9. scathing

10. suave

List B
a. fruitful

b. exciting

c. custom

d. flattering

e. meager

f. anxiety

g. brazen

h. scant

i. surly

j. courtly


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    Nice post, good list of Synonyms and Antonyms

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