Your Reading Journal

Some Ideas to Include in Your Journal1. Before reading your article try to predict what it is about.

…(a)Is there anything about the title? the front cover? the back cover? the topic?

the print on the inside of the jacket?…(b)Are there any pictures? charts? graphs? headings? words in bold-faced print?

2. Skim through your selection with an eye for interesting or significant details.

…(a)Notice the vocabulary and the images that are conveyed. Are the words well chosen and effective to suit the author’s purpose?

…(b)Is the language appropriate for the reader that it is intended for?

…(c)What is the article’s main idea or purpose?

…(d)Are the points coherently expressed and organized? Is proper use made of paragraphing? sequencing?

…(e)What important concepts or patterns are to be learned?

…(f)Evaluate the quality of the author’s ideas and topics.

3. Review your entry and explain your purpose for including it in your journal. What does it reveal about (a) your reading progress? (b)your learning goals (c) etc.

4. Under what heading could your reading selection be classified? (eg. fiction, nonfiction, business section, sports, etc.)

5. Where did you find this passage to read? (if in the newspaper, tell what section, what page; was it near the front or way at the end?) Was it properly situated according to its degree of importance and relevance to the other stories. Comment.

6. Are you left at the end with any questions (such as why? how? who? etc.) If so, does this leave you feeling dissatisfied or rather curious to delve more deeply into the subject. Comment.

7. Anything else you would like to add.


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