A little exercise in English

Essaie de fournir un bref profile de ta personalité. Trouve trois adjectifs en anglais qui decrivent:

  1. the taste or texture of your favourite snack
  2. the place that you like best to spend your free time
  3. the type of music that you like to listen to most
  4. the TV program that you enjoy the most
  5. an animal that you would like to own

Essaie d’identifier le pays d’origine de chacun des proverbes suivants:

  1. the poor worker blames his tools
  2. do not run after the wild boar and lose the pig at home
  3. nobody calls his own buttermilk sour
  4. he who ate the nuts must sweep away the shells
  5. the hungry will not fall asleep because someone else has enough to eat
  6. in war, you become ashes if you lose, and charcoal if you win
  7. gentle words open iron gates
  8. he got angry with the rat and set fire to the house
  9. a handful of friends is better than a wagonful of gold

Now explain the meaning of each of the above proverbs and illustrate with an example. Then choose one or two that you like the most, stating your reasons.

The ability to convey information about oneself effectively is essential in many different types of situations, be they for social or business purposes. Try to tell more about your feelings and attitudes by completing each of the following sentences. You may want to write a little paragraph for each one to round it out.

  1. I can confide in a person who………
  2. I can be very sociable with people who………..
  3. Concerning myself, I hope that………
  4. I feel pleased when…………
  5. I am disturbed when…………
  6. It is easy to get along with people when………
  7. To me a beautiful individual is one that………

Here are more quotations. Do you know who said each one? Do you know their meanings?

  1. Settle one difficulty and you keep a hundred away.
  2. He who does not tire, tires adversity.
  3. Firmness of purpose is one of the best instruments of success.

This page is dedicated to Esther who graduated as a teacher, from her Uncle B.S.O.


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